Acronis have recently posted their annual World Backup Survey for 2019 which shows more than 92% of consumers are now backing up their data regularly. This is an increase of over 24% from 2018.

They say ‘Backups are Up, and so is Data Loss’

A stark warning:

CEOs are increasingly losing their jobs because of data loss. Since GDPR in 2018 companies are facing damaging fines which can cripple their finances and reputation.

Not only are backups required, but they must also be secure from backup, to rest at the data centre and during restore.

Acronis say ‘In addition, as CEOs and other C-level executives increasingly lose their jobs following data incidents, the 2019 survey also marked the first time we’ve polled business professionals regarding their knowledge and data protection habits as well.’

How to store your data safely

Online backups are a great way to securely protect data, but they must be treated with the same respect as a payroll system or banking application. All too often we see companies going for the cheapest option and handling the fallout later.

Tie backups in with a few simple methods to prevent data loss and you are on your way to securing your systems.

At BOBcloud you can backup your data with 100% security to Microsoft’s cloud if you use our storage. You can also backup to multiple destinations worldwide such as Azure, AWS, Wasabi, Google Cloud or your office and local hardware. Backups stored in multiple locations is the standard practice by a tech-savvy admin.

This year’s World Backup Day Survey confirms that data size, loss and risk are all exponentially on the increase. Thankfully so is the amount of devices being backed up.