Cloud-to-Cloud Storage Backup and Restore

Cloud to Cloud storage on any OS will protect your customers’ critical data wherever it is stored. With BOBcloud you can backup your online cloud services from anywhere to anywhere. We estimate that is over 1,000 cloud services in all worldwide locations.

When you decide which storage destination is best for you, you can use our pre-defined destinations on Microsoft’s cloud or Wasabi’s platform in any of their regions. If you want to own your backed-up data and use your own cloud account, then you can use any of the pre-configured cloud connectors which come with our software.

Cloud-to-cloud backup is the process of backing up data stored on one cloud backup service to another cloud storage service. All the popular cloud services can be backed up using our software. These are Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange email, SharePoint and OneDrive), Google GDrive, Dropbox, Backblaze (cloud and B2 object storage), Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.


Systems we backup and where we backup to

The best cloud backup scenario is where you create your backups on our portal and don’t need to install our software on any of your devices. Simply click and backup.

Cloud-to-cloud backup eliminates the requirement for IT staff to micro-manage their backup strategies. This is because our solution can be easily installed and up-and-running in under 5 minutes for each device which requires backing up.

Once the backups are in place, all an IT admin needs to do is check the status of their backups via our reseller portal. Very often when there is an issue with a backup, and because of the cloud-to-cloud backup architecture, the problem can be resolved via the admin portal quickly.

Cloud-to-cloud backups not only streamline your disaster prevention and Business Continuity Planning, but they also reduce costs because there are no additional hardware costs you or your customers need to worry about.

Can you survive data deletion?
backup to destination

Cloud computing is great until someone deletes some data and no one notices until it has been purged by the cloud provider. A lot of the standard cloud providers will only retain copies of your deleted data for around 30 days. e.g. You delete a folder from your system and the copy of that folder is only stored online for 30 days. Not all systems have 30-day retention (some more and some less), and it is worth checking what the history or retention period is on your data (especially if you have a free or low-cost cloud FileSync service)

Deleted cloud data and emails along with the daily revisions aren’t retained indefinitely and very often extra retention is an optional purchase.

The retention of data on your Cloud-to-Cloud backups at BOBcloud is set by you from one day upwards. We don’t force any retention settings.

You decide where you store your backed-up data. You can use our pre-configured destinations in any of Microsoft’s Azure regions worldwide, any 3rd party cloud provider or your own hardware via basic SFTP.

Protection from criminals

Cybercrimes are on the increase and are very hard to defend against. A simple act of opening an infected email can encrypt your company’s data in one easy step.

Waking up and seeing a message like this has caused many an IT Tech a few headaches. We can’t stop this from happening to you, but at least you know your data is safe with us and stored in 3 places on Microsoft’s cloud in the UK or on your pre-defined storage locations.

Our simple-to-restore platform will allow you to restore your backed-up data to another device whilst you clean your network.

We provide the control panel and all backup software. All you need to do is install our software onto the devices you want to protect and backup up to any of the cloud storage platforms we support.

You only pay for the software and storage on our service. No minimum usage, quotas, termination periods or hidden extras.

How we work

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Process

Cloud-to-Cloud backup FAQs

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Cloud-to-Cloud backup basics

A basic Cloud-to-Cloud backup is where you backup an online service such as a server, network drive, email account (Office 365), CRM system, etc to another cloud storage service without backing up any data on-premise. The process can be run from anywhere and monitored within your portal.

You want to backup your Dropbox data to Google Drive. The reason for doing this is so your data is backed up to a separate system and will be resilient against data loss.

Our Cloud-to-Cloud module currently supports backing up or using as a backup destination the following: Dropbox, OneDrive (pers and business), Google Drive, BackBlaze, local storage (USB, NAS, etc), FTP and SFTP


We provide predefined destinations on Microsoft’s cloud [Azure] and Wasabi’s cloud in all worldwide regions.
This is Microsoft’s data centre map –

Our software allows you to seamlessly back up to over 1,000 other cloud storage providers worldwide. You won’t pay us for storage used and there are no restrictions on the amount of data you can backup.

All data is be encrypted on your device before being transmitted using AES 256 bit. Your data is transferred using SSL encryption, and is stored encrypted whilst on our platform.

View our data security white paper


Under normal circumstances, a 500GB backup will sync to us within the 30-day trial period. If you want to check how long your first backup will take, run our speed test from this link and send us the result.

We can provide a SEED disk, but this is rarely needed nowadays. If you think you might need a SEED disk, contact us to start a discussion.

Data retention periods for daily changes (delta) and deleted files can be retained from one day to an unlimited period.

We don’t force any retention settings on accounts.

Yes. Most backup types will also allow you to retain a local backup. Where this is available we highly recommend it.

You can also keep larger backup sets locally rather than online. An example might be where you have a large bare metal image you want to maintain, but you don’t want to pay to keep it online

Create a Reseller account from the link at the top of the page and you can get your first backup underway in less than 5 minutes.

All trials run for 30 days and can use all modules.

You can restore your data over the internet directly from our service. If you have large backup sets, we recommend you split them into 2TB sets and mirror all backups to a local USB disk.

This is free to do and will allow you to restore your data at LAN speed.

If your site is destroyed, you have the confidence of knowing your data is stored online.

Yes. This is done from within the backup software installed on your device.