UNC paths on NAS are red (Ahsay OBM)

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UNC paths on NAS are red (Ahsay OBM)

Postby Support » Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:54 am

In the Server or Desktop versions (6 and 7), you see the source folders displayed in red when trying to edit the source.
**The Synology module does not have this issue. This issue only relates UNC drive mappings**

Windows systems will only connect so many times to a UNC network resource. If you have a drive mapped to a UNC NAS and an application is doing the same within its own mechanism, Windows will start to complain it cannot connect to the resource.
This is often caused by cached credentials.

Sometimes this can be circumvented by having one connection using the IP address and another connection using the DNS name of the UNC device.

Our software is the same as any other application which needs to access a network device on a UNC path, in that the access needs to be nailed up all of the time. It isn't possible to reference a volatile Windows drive mapping because that is removed when the user logs off.

If you try to edit a UNC device which has been mapped through our software, and the path is shown in red, the following are probably also going to be true:
1. You can't expand or edit the source.
2. If you try to create a new backup accessing the same UNC location, you won't be able to, and the UNC path will either be non-existent or red.
3. However, the backup will still work.

Remove and renew the connection between our software and the NAS \ UNC path.
These 2 commands will disconnect Windows from the mapped UNC device and map it again.


net use * /delete /yes (this removes all drives. You could change the * for only the drive letter you want to disconnect)
net use \\nas <password> /user:<local_nas_username> (this will reconnect the drive)

Afterwards you should be able to edit the UNC source within our software.
After you save the backup settings, the UNC path might be shown in red again, but the backups will work.

If the backups don't work because the UNC path can't be seen, place the commands above into the backup software on your device so they run before and after the backup job.
Edit the backup job and set in 'Show Advanced Settings \ Command Line Tool'

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