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Why use BOBcloud?

The tech

Our services operate on the world’s most trusted cloud (Microsoft Azure) and you can store your data on any of the thousands lcoud services in the world, or on your own storage wherever it is.

We license our software from one the world’s largest MSP providers [Ahsay], and protect more than 100,000 devices and cloud accounts.

Where your customer’s data is stored

If you don’t want the hassle of configuring and managing your own storage, you can use our predefined storage destinations of Microsoft or Wasabi in the UK.

If you want to be more involved and use your own stporage or any of the thousands of cloud storage locations in your own region, you can expect to pay as little as £4 per TB for storage stripped on 3 seperate disks.

Not sure?

All trial accounts you set up will be fully-funtional and have access to all our modules for 30 days. We never ask for payment details or commitments until you are ready to convert your trial to contracts.


None of our resellers are on contracts and you can leave when you like. No 12 month contracts or fixed slab quotas. Pay for what you use – nothing else.


Supporting you

We provide 7-day support using server and cloud experts based in the UK.


Contact us

Email us or schedule a callback from one of our techies on the helpdesk.



Remote Install

Storage from £5 per TB



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