Get Creative with Teams Background Images: Tips and Tricks

Created by On May 26, 2024 |  Last Updated On June 18, 2024

Do you want to spice up your online meetings? Would you like to show your personality and creativity through your virtual background? 

Would you like to know how to upload custom Teams background Images? If any answers were YES, this blog post is for you!

Best Custom Teams Background Images Free

Here is a set of creative teams background images specifically designed to enhance the look of your Microsoft Teams meetings.

Each image has been chosen with attention to give you a touch of personality and professionalism in virtual meetings. Just put these pictures in Teams to improve your online meetings and make a better impact between your clients and colleagues.

Note: Explore a wide variety of free Teams background images you can download and use for both commercial and personal purposes.

How To Use Free Teams Background Images

You must install the latest version of Teams on your device to use Teams’ background images.

To change your background for teams meeting in Teams, follow these steps:

  • Join a video call or meeting in Teams.
  • Enable the camera 
  • Click on the “Apply background effects” next to your camera.
  • You will see a list of background images.
  • Select one of Teams’ default images or upload your picture by clicking “Add new.”
  • Click on the image of your choice and then apply.
  • Now, other participants can see your image at the meeting.

That’s it. You have successfully changed your Microsoft Team background images with your custom image. You can set unlimited custom images for your Teams meeting of your choice.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Background Images:

  • Relevance: The background picture should reflect the theme and intention of the meeting. For instance, set a background image with your company logo, office, or product if you are having a business meeting. Use a background image of your hobbies, interests, and favourite places for casual chat with your friends.
  • Quality: Your background image should be crisp, sharp, and high-resolution. Do not use blurred, pixelated, or low-resolution images that can spoil the professional image of your video. Also, do not use images with too much contrast between the face and body, extreme brightness, or saturation that comes with the face visibility.
  • Simplicity: The background image should be simple, clean, and minimalistic. It would be best to use pictures with limited details, colours or patterns that might make your background look messy. Furthermore, it’s crucial to avoid images with text, logos, or symbols that can distract or confuse the audience.
  • Appropriateness: Your screen wallpaper should be in keeping with the context and audience of your meeting. The images you will use for the situation should not be offensive, controversial, or inappropriate. You should also avoid using personally identifiable private or sensitive photos that could identify you or expose your information.

Types Of Background Images:

  • Solid Colors: Choose a neutral colour for a professional look. Avoid excessively bright or dark shades and low-contrast colours.
  • Gradients and Textures: Add variation to your background with gradients or textures to avoid monotony.
  • Abstract Shapes: Use shapes like circles or squares to add liveliness to your video. Avoid overly complex shapes that may distract.
  • Nature Scenes: Bring freshness with scenes like landscapes or flowers. Avoid busy scenes that may affect audio quality.
  • Office Settings: Showcase your work environment with settings like desks or conference rooms. Keep the background clean and organised to maintain professionalism.

Choosing the Right Background Image for Different Meeting Types

The perfect background image can elevate your online presence depending on the type of meeting you’re attending. Here’s how to tailor your background to the occasion:

  • For formal Business Meetings, Choose a solid-coloured background or a subtle professional image, such as a blurred office setting or company logo. The right image conveys a sense of seriousness and keeps the focus on you and the discussion.
  • Client Presentations: Consider a background that subtly reinforces your brand identity or the topic of your presentation. Options include a company logo, product image, or a high-resolution image related to the presentation theme.
  • Casual Meetings with Colleagues: Loosen up with a background showcasing your hobbies or interests. A background highlighting your hobbies or interests can be a conversation starter and add a touch of personality.
  • Virtual Team-Building Activities: Liven things up with a fun and engaging background. You could use a home scene, a group activity image, or even a humorous (but workplace-appropriate) image.

Spice up your online meetings and showcase your personality with creative team meeting background images!

The Impact of Custom Backgrounds on Online Meetings

Custom backgrounds can significantly enhance your online meeting experience in a few ways:

  • Professionalism: Proper background choice contributes to eradicating all kinds of distractions, which, in turn, implies a high level of professionalism and a business-like attitude, which is critically important in business discussions.
  • Personal Branding: Backgrounds highlighted personal traits, characteristics, and interests that can leave a lasting impression on colleagues and clients.
  • Engagement and Focus: Interesting or relevant backgrounds can spark conversation and keep participants focused on the meeting content.
  • Correct Teams Backup Image Size: For the best results with Teams meeting background images, aim for a size of 1920×1080 pixels. This resolution ensures a clear and professional-looking background during your meetings.
  • Privacy Control: Backgrounds can help you hide a messy room or maintain privacy if you’re uncomfortable showing your surroundings.

By effectively utilising custom backgrounds, you can elevate your online presence, create a more engaging meeting environment, and project a professional or personal image, depending on the situation.

Troubleshooting: Common Issues with Best Teams Backgrounds

While using custom backgrounds is a breeze, here are some common issues and solutions:

  • Blurry or Pixelated Background: Make sure the picture is of good quality, not stretched, and in the correct format, like JPEG or PNG.
  • Lighting Issues: Uneven lighting can cause background inconsistencies. Try using balanced lighting for a seamless look.
  • Background Movement: Avoid backgrounds with moving elements like waterfalls or flags. These can be distracting for other participants.
  • Limited Internet Bandwidth: Uploading a large image file can cause lag or freezing. Use a compressed image, or consider pre-uploading the background before the meeting.


Custom background images will improve your Microsoft Teams meetings by customising your virtual space. Whether you go with the default choices or upload custom images, a visually pleasing background can enhance your online image.

Consider relevance, quality, simplicity, and fit when choosing background images. These ideas help establish a business-like and exciting meeting setting.

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