Get Creative with Teams Background Images: Tips and Tricks

Created by On January 10, 2024 |  Last Updated On February 12, 2024

Do you want to spice up your online meetings? Would you like to show your personality and creativity through your virtual background? 

Would you like to know how to upload custom Teams background Images? If any answers were YES, this blog post is for you!

Best Custom Teams Background Images

Here is a set of custom background images specifically designed to enhance the look of your Microsoft Teams meetings.

Each image has been chosen with attention to give you a touch of personality and professionalism in virtual meetings. Just put these pictures in Teams to improve your online meetings and make a better impact between your clients and colleagues.

Note: All images featured above are free to download and can be used for both commercial and personal purposes.

How To Use Teams Background Images

You must install the latest version of Teams on your device to use Teams’ background images.

To change your background image in Teams, follow these steps:

  • Join a video call or meeting in Teams.
  • Enable the camera 
  • Click on the “Apply background effects” next to your camera.
  • You will see a list of background images.
  • Select one of Teams’ default images or upload your picture by clicking “Add new.”
  • Click on the image of your choice and then apply.
  • Now, other participants can see your image at the meeting.

That’s it. You have successfully changed your Microsoft Teams background with your custom image. You can set unlimited custom images to your Teams meeting as your choice.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Background Images:

  • Relevance: The background picture should reflect the theme and intention of the meeting. For instance, set a background image with your company logo, office, or product if you are having a business meeting. Use a background image of your hobbies, interests, and favourite places for casual chat with your friends.
  • Quality: Your background image should be crisp, sharp, and high-resolution. Do not use blurred, pixelated, or low-resolution images that can spoil the professional image of your video. Also, do not use images with too much contrast between the face and body, extreme brightness, or saturation that comes with the face visibility.
  • Simplicity: The background image should be simple, clean, and minimalistic. It would be best to use pictures with limited details, colours or patterns that might make your background look messy. Furthermore, it’s crucial to avoid images with text, logos, or symbols that can distract or confuse the audience.
  • Appropriateness: Your screen wallpaper should be in keeping with the context and audience of your meeting. The images you will use for the situation should not be offensive, controversial, or inappropriate. You should also avoid using personally identifiable private or sensitive photos that could identify you or expose your information.

Types Of Background Images:

  • Solid Colors: Choose a neutral colour for a professional look. Avoid excessively bright or dark shades and low-contrast colours.
  • Gradients and Textures: Add variation to your background with gradients or textures to avoid monotony.
  • Abstract Shapes: Use shapes like circles or squares to add liveliness to your video. Avoid overly complex shapes that may distract.
  • Nature Scenes: Bring freshness with scenes like landscapes or flowers. Avoid busy scenes that may affect audio quality.
  • Office Settings: Showcase your work environment with settings like desks or conference rooms. Keep the background clean and organised to maintain professionalism.


Custom background images will improve your Microsoft Teams meetings by customising your virtual space. Whether you go with the default choices or upload custom images, a visually pleasing background can enhance your online image.

When choosing background images, be thoughtful of things such as relevance, quality, simplicity, and fit. Using these ideas, you can establish a business-like and exciting meeting setting.

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