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Using Windows Server Backup

Windows Server Backup: How to Install and Use It

Open the Windows Server Backup application on your Server, click Backup Once and choose between an entire server or custom backups. Select the destination type, Local drives or Remote shared folder based on your requirement. Proceed with the Backup Destination selection, and finally, click “Backup” to complete the setup. Your Windows Server will now be safely backup and ready to restore data in case of future system failures or viruses.

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How to blur background in Teams

How To Blur Background in Teams

1. Join the Microsoft Meeting or video call.
2. Click on the 3 dots button named as more
3. Select Background effects
4. Click on the Blur effect
5. Click on Apply and Turn on Video button.

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How to Share Entire Google Drive with Another Account 5 Ways

How to Share Entire Google Drive with Another Account: 5 Ways

Sharing your entire Google Drive with another account is simple. You can achieve this by sharing the entire drive, creating shared folders, sharing files individually, or using third-party tools. Each method has its pros and cons, so consider factors like file ownership, permissions, storage, and security when deciding.

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How to Chagne Background in Teams

How to Change Background in Teams

1. Start a video call or meeting in Teams and turn on your camera.
2. Click on “Background Filters”.
3. Choose from the available backgrounds or add your own by clicking “Add new.”
4. Click on the image you want and apply it.

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Difference Between Free Cloud Backup and Free Cloud Storage

Difference Between Free Cloud Backup and Free Cloud Storage

Cloud storage enables you to access your files from any location or device. Your files are stored online and are always up to date, making it easy to collaborate with others in real-time. In contrast, cloud backup takes a secure snapshot of your files and data to ensure they are safely stored.

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How to locate the WhatsApp Backup On Your Device

How to Backup WhatsApp data to Google Drive in 2024: 9 Simple Steps

WhatsApp backup Key Notes:
– By design, Android devices use Google Drive, and iOS devices use iCloud for their backups.
– There are unlimited services where you can store the backup you create.
– WhatsApp chats are backed-up using the APP.
– WhatsApp chats and data can be easily restored during a fresh installation.

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