What is a Cipher? Enter our Data Security Quiz

June 5, 2023,

What is a Cipher? Let’s start with this simple quiz You know that data encryption is one of the most important tools a Sysadmin has, and you want to ensure your customers’ data can never be decrypted if captured. Data security is not new, and this cipher was popular two thousand years ago. This quiz… Read More »

What is a Differential Backup? A Guide to Data Protection

May 22, 2023,

A differential backup is a data backup that copies all new and modified data since the last full backup was run.

What is Bandwidth in networking?

May 21, 2023,

This bandwidth calculator converts internet speed into bandwidth measurements in MB and GB.

The three types of Cloud Backup

May 15, 2023,

There are three types of backup, Full, Incremental, and Differential. Each uses different amounts of storage, has separate backup and restore times, and varies in cost.

What is a full backup?

May 12, 2023,

Full Backups: Everything You Need to Know Full backups are a dependable and efficient solution to safeguard your data. With a full backup, your data is readily retrievable so that you can have peace of mind. What Are Full Backups? A full backup takes a mirror copy of your data and files on a device… Read More »

How Safe is your Cloud Storage from Data Loss?

May 4, 2023,

Our predefined storage locations use Microsoft’s Azure cloud storage or Wasabi.com What is guaranteedOur predefined storage locations. This is because we use Microsoft’s and Wasabi’s cloud storage. Both are certified for ISO 27001 and SOC 2. These are two of the top five most reliable and secure cloud storage providers in the world, and they will protect your data… Read More »

Backblaze B2 Vs Wasabi: Top Four Comparisons in 2023

May 1, 2023,

Both Wasabi and Backblaze’s object storage provide secure online backup providers with a secure and durable cloud storage service that is easy to connect to.

What is an Incremental Backup?

May 1, 2023,

An incremental backup is a data backup process that only copies new and modified data since the last backup. This method saves time and storage space because the backed-up data is smaller when compared to full and differential backups. This article explains incremental backups, when to use them, and their benefits. How incremental backups work… Read More »

S3 Price Comparisons between Wasabi, Backblaze, Azure, and AWS in 2023

April 24, 2023,

Following on from our last article on AWS’ S3 storage, we decided to add some price comparisons between the largest S3 providers. Looking at the platforms our Resellers use, we are focusing on Wasabi, Azure, AWS, and Backblaze. We haven’t seen any significant differences between the UK instances of Wasabi, Azure (blobs) and AWS’ S3…. Read More »

The different types of AWS’ S3 Object storage

April 23, 2023,

We haven’t seen any significant differences between the UK instances of Wasabi, Azure (blobs) and AWS’ S3. We use all three within our business and some in multiple locations.