What Does Attempting Data Recovery Mean on iPhone?

Created by On June 1, 2023 |  Last Updated On March 30, 2024

If you are an iPhone user who has encountered the phrase Attempting Data Recovery, rest assured that this is a common problem. This issue is not exclusive to iPhones; iPad users might also experience a similar situation when attempting data recovery iPad.

Attempting data recovery on iPhone

The process and potential challenges are comparable. This article explains how to understand this error more and eliminate it, whether you are dealing with an iPhone or an iPad.

What Does Attempting Data Recovery Mean on iPhone?

The attempting data recovery iPhone message can indicate various problems related to your iPhone device or the iOS version, especially when attempting data recovery iPhone after update. People generally accept that this error message occurs when you update the iOS version to the latest one through the iPhone instead of using iTunes.

The error message appears when you try to upgrade your device to iOS 16,15,12 or even 11.2, and the user may find themselves stuck at a white screen with no way of attaining their data back.

Your iPhone also shows low storage, significantly if you have upgraded it to the latest version, which may contribute to iPhone data recovery failed challenges.

Possible Reasons For Attempting Data Recovery iPhone

There can be several reasons to try data recovery on an iPhone.

  • Loss of files, precious pictures and videos by events like accidental deletion.
  • Physical defects with the phone, such as water damage screen cracked buttons.
  • Software problems include failing to update iOS, malfunctioning jailbreaks, and virus attacks.
  • If the passcode, Touch ID or Face ID are forgotten or disabled.
  • Lost or stolen device.

If you cannot get rid of this message or wonder why does my iPhone say attempting data recovery, please read the article below to learn how to get rid of the iPhone or iPad attempting data recovery error message.

How To Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode?

Why is my iPhone attempting data recovery iPhone error message? You may try some of the methods below:

Method #1: Press the Home button and hold on

If your iPhone stuck in attempting data recovery, don’t panic. Just press the Home Button and wait for the update to finish. Once your iPhone completes the update, it will return to regular operation. However, if you cannot wait an extended period, you must explore other methods.

Method #2: Use Recovery Mode

Put your iPhone into recovery mode to try and fix the attempting data recovery loop; people typically use this option when an iOS update fails. To use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your desktop PC
  2. Open the iTunes program.
  3. Force restart your iPhone device. You may press and release the Volume Up and Down buttons and hold the side (power) button until you see the Apple sign.
  4. Once the dialogue box pops up, click on update.

Note: This will completely wipe your iPhone’s data, and you must start setting up your iPhone anew. Therefore, please ensure you have made an iTunes backup of your iPhone data. If you are not willing to do this, proceed below:

Method #3: Simply Force Restart

Restarting your iPhone device may fix the attempting data recovery error message. To do so, you may follow the force restart steps listed above. Force restart can work in various cases if your iPhone device is not responding.

How Long Does It Take to Recover Data From iPhone?

You can safely use iTunes to restore the lost data when using recovery mode for iPhone due to attempting a data recovery message, and it will take a minimum of 15 or 30 minutes. It might take longer if you have lots of data. You may also use iCloud backup to restore your data if you have any previous backup data.

Data recovery means getting back lost or unreachable data from a damaged or erased device, like an iPhone. You can use different methods, like software or professional help. But remember that it doesn’t always work, and there can be risks or problems.

What Happens After Attempting Data Recovery iPhone

Some possible outcomes of attempting data recovery on an iPhone are essential to understand, especially if you’re wondering, does attempting data recovery delete everything?

  • Successfully recovered: The best outcome is that data is back on the device or another storage. Recovering data is only sometimes possible if severe damage to the device or someone has overwritten the data.
  • Partial or corrupted recovery: Restoring some data, but not all, happens with physical damage or partial overwriting. It’s important to note that data recovery cannot be completed in some cases, leading to partial or corrupted outcomes.
  • Unrecoverable data loss: Severe damage or encryption issues prevent restoring any data.
  • The device is further damaged: Recovery attempts harm the device more, such as breaking or making it unusable. Be careful and choose recovery methods wisely. Regular backups and security measures are essential.

Before recovering data on an iPhone, think about each method’s good and bad parts. Choose the one that fits best. Also, regularly save important data and use passwords to keep it safe from unwanted access or deletion. If you encounter issues like a restore screen on iPhone during recovery, consider seeking professional assistance for a more informed resolution.

How to Restore Your iPhone After Attempting Data Recovery Successfully

  • Review your backup settings. Ensure you set your phone to sync with iCloud or iTunes occasionally and verify how much free memory you have. It is possible to restore the iPhone manually; you can connect it to your computer or click Settings – [your name] –iCloud – iCloud Backup, then Back Up Now.
  • Verify your data. Check your apps and files to ensure everything functions correctly and nothing is missing or corrupted. If issues arise, consider restoring your phone from a different backup or seek assistance from Apple support.
  • Keep your software updated. Outdated or incompatible software may cause Attempting Data Recovery issues. Always keep your phone updated with the latest iOS version to prevent this. Check for updates in Settings General Software Update.
  • Protect your phone. Using protective casings and a screen protector will protect against physical harm that can lead to information loss. Do not subject your phone to too much heat, dampness or shock. Also, avoid jailbreaking your phone or loading private applications that may affect the integrity and performance.


How can I fix the attempting data recovery error message on iPhone? Try the methods listed above to try and resolve your error. Sometimes, it will do well to wait for your iPhone to handle the problem by itself; only use these methods if you have been waiting for an extended period.

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