12 Ways to Fix WhatsApp Backup Stuck Issue in 2024

Created by On September 9, 2023 |  Last Updated On March 30, 2024

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Are you facing WhatsApp backup stuck issues? Then, you will learn how easy it is to fix the problem. If you have enabled it, WhatsApp automatically backs up your chats to Google Drive or iCloud daily (depending on your settings). 

Creating backups keeps your data safe and allows you to restore data on any smartphone quickly. If your phone is stolen or dysfunctional, you can recover lost WhatsApp data with backups.

How to Fix a stuck WhatsApp Backup

Many WhatsApp users face this problem at some point. This situation is risky. If you lose your device and have no backup available to restore the lost data, you risk losing your data. In such situations, you cannot restore your WhatsApp data, and every vital message, media, and document will be gone forever.

Different Ways to Fix the WhatsApp Backup Stuck on Your Device

Have your WhatsApp frozen, or will it take forever to create backups? First, you must ensure a stable internet connection on your device before starting a backup. If your data connection is on and stable and your WhatsApp backup gets stuck, there are a few things you can do to fix it.

Have your WhatsApp frozen, or will it take forever to create backups? First, you must ensure a stable internet connection on your device before starting a backup. If your data connection is on and stable and your WhatsApp backup gets stuck, there are a few things you can do to fix it.

01. Restart WhatsApp App

If you are unable to backup WhatsApp data, the first approach should be to re-launch your app and restart your backup operations. However, the cherry on the cake would be to wait 30 minutes before initiating the backups again to allow your device to reconnect and purge any failed files before retrying.

02. Don't Backup Video Items

The second troubleshooting tip for those facing the problem of WhatsApp not backing up is to exclude videos from the backup. Because of their size, videos quickly take up massive storage space and will cause delays.

If your WhatsApp stuck on backup, turn off the backup for videos and then recheck it as a basic fault-finding technique. Excluding videos might help because chats and other file attachments are smaller and require little time and connection strength.

Here is how to exclude videos from your WhatsApp backup: Open WhatsApp settings, navigate to chat, and then chat backup. You can turn off the include video option.

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03. Clear WhatsApp Cache

Another reason of why is WhatsApp backup taking so long could be the cache memory. Every app stores some data in memory to avoid searching for it the next time you want to access it. The cache memory allows an app to work faster. Too much cache can cause the backup to slow down.

How do I clear the WhatsApp cache? Open settings on your phone and select ‘Manage apps’. A list of apps will appear. Select WhatsApp from the list. Select Storage Usage -> Cache -> Clear Cache. After you clear WhatsApp cache, the backup stuck issue might go away. 

04. Update WhatsApp

If you are using an older version of WhatsApp, it is no wonder why WhatsApp is causing all such issues. Updating an OS or app is always recommended because these updates will improve your user experience and resolve known bugs. 

If you have a problem, others will have had the same problem, and a newer version will have the solution.

To ensure your phone does not have outdated WhatsApp, check the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, considering your device. Additionally, check if your Android and iOS are also up-to-date.

05. Ensure free space in Google Drive and iCloud.

Apple devices use iCloud, and Android devices use Google Drive as their default storage location.

Ensure you have sufficient space in whichever storage location you are using. If WhatsApp backup not working for iPhone, check for space on your iCloud drive.

You can check your iCloud space by going to your iCloud settings. From there, navigate to iCloud storage and check for the space you have left. Similarly, sign in to your Google Drive account to check free space.

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06. Delete Previous Backups from iCloud.

Previous backups could be the answer to why won’t my WhatsApp back up data on my iPhone. Apple offers its users minimal storage capacity for free. If you are on a free plan, the allowed space might be complete because of previous backups. To delete them, launch Settings, navigate to Your name -> iCloud -> Manage Account Storage. 

You will see all your backups. From there, find WhatsApp and delete the previous backup. After you have some free space, start the backup process again.

07. Status of iCloud Service

iCloud is a service that Apple provides to its consumers. The server hosting iCloud may be down or under maintenance. Apple has made it very easy to know the status. You can visit Apple’s status page to see what services are currently down. A down service could be why WhatsApp is not backing up the data.

08. Force Restart iPhone

Force restarting is the must-try method for all iPhone issues. With force restarting, your iPhone will eliminate unwanted cache data, free up some space, and perform better. Force restarting will also force stop WhatsApp and load again. 

  • Method to Force Restart iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Press and hold both the power button at the right and the volume up button at the left corner of the iPhone. Keep the buttons pressed until your iPhone restarts with an Apple logo.
  • Method to Force Restart iPhone 8 and Above:
    1. Press the volume up button first.
    2. When you release it, press the volume down button.
    3. After releasing it, press and hold the power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen. 

09. Reset Network Settings

If you see a WhatsApp glitch or experience WhatsApp backup stuck on preparing on your iPhone, then you need to reset your network settings. A poor or overwritten network setting can indeed result in WhatsApp stuck on loading for backups.

Launch Settings to reset the network settings and navigate to General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

After a successful reset of settings, start the backup, which might fix your issue. Ensure that your data connection or Wi-Fi has good signal strength.

10. Upgrade Your iOS

It is no surprise that an older version of iOS is repeatedly causing your WhatsApp backups to fail. With every new version of any mobile application, compatibility with older mobile OS comes into play. Newer versions work better with newer iOS versions.

Ensure that you have the latest iOS version installed. Even minor updates are essential, as they include security improvements and bug fixes. To upgrade to the latest iOS, open Settings, go to General, and click ‘Software Update’.

Ensure you have network connectivity, as it will search for the software online. Download and install the software if available.

11. Try Manual Backup

Instead of creating a backup via iCloud, you can manually create backups for WhatsApp only. The process is simple: Open your WhatsApp app and navigate to Settings -> Chats -> Chat Backup -> Back Up Now. 

You need to turn on your iCloud backup for manual backup to work. Otherwise, the backup option in WhatsApp will not be available. 

12. Try iTunes or the Finder App

iTunes or the Finder apps are official Apple products you can use on your computer. They allow you to take backups of your whole iPhone. For Windows-based computers, you will use iTunes.

For Macs with the latest MacOS version of Catalina or above, you will use the Finder app, the official alternative to iTunes.

In both cases, you only need to open the application, connect your iPhone to your PC with the charging cable, and click the ‘Backup Now’ button.


If you have trouble creating a WhatsApp backup on your Android or iPhone, follow the troubleshooting steps above. These quick fixes will fix your issue and secure your data with a successful backup.

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