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October 18, 2023,
Cloud Storage Providers

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Cloud storage is simply an online space where you can save your data and files and can access them from anywhere. It’s perfect for keeping your files, sharing with others, and freeing up storage space on your computer, tablet and phone. Which free cloud storage option is best for you, considering the various choices available?

Consider which free cloud storage offers the most features. How much free space they give you, how safe your stuff will be, what cool things they can do, and if they work well with your device.

We will check out some of the 5 best free cloud storage picks in 2023. 


Google DriveDropboxiCloudiDriveOneDrive
Free Storage15 GB2 GB5 GB5 GB5 GB
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Android, iOSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOSWindows, Mac, iOSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOSWindows, Mac, Android, iOS
Integration with ServicesGmail, Google PhotosApple Suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote, etc.)Web app, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOSMicrosoft Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook)
Security MeasuresEncryption, Two-Factor Authentication, Sharing ControlsIndustry Standards, Encryption for Data in Transit and at RestEncryption for Data in Transit and at RestEncryption for Data in Transit and at Rest, Two-Factor AuthenticationEncryption for Data in Transit and at Rest, Two-Factor Authentication
Additional FeaturesSeamless sharing, Collaboration, Offline AccessDropbox Paper, Collaboration, Offline AccessEffortless Backup, Synchronisation with Apple DevicesWeb app, Diverse File Format Support, Scalability to 5 TB or 10 TBProductivity Enhancement with Microsoft Suite, Cheap Online Storage
Upgrade OptionsGoogle One (Starting at £1.59 per month)Dropbox Plus (£7.99 per month), Dropbox Professional (£16.58 per month)Additional storage starting at £0.79 per month for 50 GBiDrive Personal (£52.12 per year), iDrive Business (£74.62 per year)Additional storage starting at £5.99 per month for 1 TB
Special ConsiderationsExcellent for free photo storage and collaborationUser-friendly with additional space opportunitiesSeamless Apple integrationCost-effective with dual focus on personal and business plansBest for Microsoft Office users, good for photos

Google Drive

Google Drive is a widely embraced free online storage service with over a billion users. It offers a generous 15 GB of free storage and free cloud services, providing an adaptable platform for storing photos, documents and spreadsheets with seamless sharing and collaboration. 

Accessible on computers, phones, or tablets, Google Drive ensures availability even offline. If you want free photo storage and free cloud storage for photos, then Google Drive is a natural choice. If you are considering GDrive, we have a detailed review on Google Drive.


Dropbox is another free cloud storage with over 500 million active users. Dropbox offers a modest 2 GB of free file storage. Though seemingly limited, Dropbox distinguishes itself with remarkable user-friendliness. Effortless syncing spans Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, ensuring universal file access—one of the best choices for an app that offers free online photo storage.

Introducing Dropbox Paper, a collaborative document editor, adds another layer of appeal—security features aligned with industry standards and robust encryption for data in transit and at rest. Users wield control over sharing settings and permissions, complemented by two-factor authentication and password protection. 

Without a doubt, Dropbox is the best free cloud storageWhile the 2 GB Online free cloud storage might be limited, opportunities to earn additional space through referrals and tasks exist. For those seeking expansive storage, options like Dropbox Plus (£7.99 per month) or Dropbox Professional (£16.58 per month) are available.


Tailored for Apple devotees, iCloud offers a commendable 5 GB of free storage. Seamless integration with Apple’s suite, featuring Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Notes, and Reminders, enriches the user experience. iCloud ensures effortless backup, synchronisation of settings and preferences, and universal accessibility. 

Security measures, embracing encryption for data in transit and at rest, contribute to a robust privacy framework. Like its counterparts, the 5 GB free storage is shared with iCloud Mail and iCloud Photos, urging contemplation of additional storage options, starting at £0.79 per month for 50 GB. 

Check out this article to learn how many backups iCloud keeps on your iPhone.


Distinguishing itself with a dual focus on personal and business plans, iDrive extends 5 GB of free storage. Supporting diverse file formats through its web app, iDrive ensures seamless syncing across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. Security takes precedence, as evidenced by encryption for data in transit and at rest. Users control sharing settings and permissions, protected by two-factor authentication and password protection. 

While the 5 GB free storage might pose limitations for professional users, upgrading to iDrive Personal (£52.12 per year) or iDrive Business (£74.62 per year), offering 5 TB or 10 TB of storage, provides scalability iDrive one of the cheapest cloud storage you can afford.

Check out our detailed review on iDrive vs Backblaze for the best Cloud Storage UK.


Designed for Windows users and Microsoft Office enthusiasts, you’ll receive 5 GB of free OneDrive storage. OneDrive integrates seamlessly into Microsoft’s suite, featuring Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook, enhancing overall productivity. For those looking for cheap online storage, OneDrive provides a cost-effective solution.

OneDrive excels in syncing settings, preferences, and data across devices. Security features, embracing encryption for data in transit and at rest, contribute to a robust privacy framework. Like its counterparts, the 5 GB free storage is shared with and Skype accounts, signifying potential saturation. 

OneDrive is the best cloud storage for photos free, and you can get additional storage starting at £5.99 monthly for 1 TB. If you plan to store critical documents on OneDrive, you must learn how to backup OneDrive effortlessly


Selecting a preferred Best free cloud storage UK is similar to choosing a preferred gadget. The decision depends on the features offered by each product and aligning them with individual needs. One must carefully consider storage, user-friendliness, and integration into daily routine.

Whether one favours the adaptable features of Google Drive, the straightforward functionality of Dropbox, the seamless connectivity with Apple devices provided by iCloud, the diverse feature set of iDrive, or the compatibility with Microsoft products offered by OneDrive. A personalised, cheap cloud storage solution is available for every user, ensuring scalability.

As you explore these storage options, go for what feels suitable. These services simplify your digital life and ensure your files are always there when needed.

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