How to Recover Deleted Microsoft 365 Files?

December 20, 2023,

Deleted Important Files in Microsoft 365?

1. OneDrive & SharePoint: Check their Recycle Bin, files stay 30/90 days for Easy restore!
2. Emails: Click “Recover deleted items” in your mailbox, you can recover them within 30 days.
3. Documents: OneDrive & SharePoint keep older versions. Check “Version history” to restore.

How to Change Background in Teams

December 19, 2023,

1. Start a video call or meeting in Teams and turn on your camera.
2. Click on “Background Filters”.
3. Choose from the available backgrounds or add your own by clicking “Add new.”
4. Click on the image you want and apply it.

Difference Between Free Cloud Backup and Free Cloud Storage

December 19, 2023,

Cloud storage enables you to access your files from any location or device. Your files are stored online and are always up to date, making it easy to collaborate with others in real-time. In contrast, cloud backup takes a secure snapshot of your files and data to ensure they are safely stored.

How to Backup Microsoft 365 Exchange email, SharePoint and OneDrive in 2024

December 15, 2023,

Microsoft 365 Backup leverages our innovative Backup Storage platform to safeguard your Microsoft 365 data sources. It seamlessly backs up and restores your OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange data at scale, ensuring business continuity despite data loss. Maintaining multiple redundant backups within the trusted Microsoft 365 environment ensures that your critical data remains secure and accessible.

Benefits of A Managed Service Provider

December 3, 2023,

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offer numerous benefits, including proactive IT management, enhanced cybersecurity, and reliable support. They streamline operations, ensuring optimal system performance and reducing downtime. MSPs also provide scalable solutions, adapting to evolving business needs. By outsourcing IT tasks to experts, businesses can focus on core functions, achieve cost savings, and stay ahead in the dynamic technology landscape.

How to Choose a Cybersecurity Services Provider

December 2, 2023,

When choosing a cybersecurity provider, consider their expertise, reputation, and services offered. Look for a provider that understands your industry’s specific needs. Check their response time to threats and their strategies for threat prevention. Ensure they provide regular updates and reports. Lastly, consider the cost and ensure it fits within your budget.

The Ultimate Guide to iCloud Backup

December 2, 2023,

iCloud Backup secures your data by syncing and backing up. With features like iCloud Photos, Drive, and Notes, changes you make automatically update across all devices via cloud syncing.

The Three Types of Cloud Backup

December 1, 2023,

There are three types of backup, Full, Incremental, and Differential. Each uses different amounts of storage, has separate backup and restore times, and varies in cost.

What Is the Difference Between Hot Backup and Cold Backup?

December 1, 2023,

In terms of data backup and recovery, a hot backup involves backing up data even as the system or application continues to operate. On the other hand, a cold backup refers to backing up data when the system or application is inactive.

How To Recover Unsaved Word Documents in 2024

December 1, 2023,

Discover four easy ways to recover unsaved or deleted Word documents in 2023. Use Word’s built-in AutoRecover, access Document Recovery after crashes, explore Temporary Files for backup versions, or check the Recycle Bin for deleted docs. These straightforward methods offer a lifeline for your important files.