What is an Incremental Backup?

May 1, 2023,

An incremental backup is a data backup process that only copies new and modified data since the last backup. This method saves time and storage space because the backed-up data is smaller when compared to full and differential backups. This article explains incremental backups, when to use them, and their benefits. How incremental backups work… Read More »

How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages Without Backup

April 20, 2023,

Have you recently lost your data on WhatsApp and are looking to restore it, but by an unfortunate stroke of fate, you cannot find a backup of your data on Google Drive? Then you may be in for a rather serious work. This article will deal with how to restore deleted WhatsApp Messages without backup…. Read More »

How To Restore WhatsApp Backup From Internal Storage

April 5, 2023,

We all have some chats on WhatsApp that we intend to keep. Sometimes it might be beautiful messages between you and a loved one, or it might be for something regarding work. This article will talk about how to restore WhatsApp backup from internal storage. WhatsApp also understands how important these messages can be. That is… Read More »

How To Find Where Is WhatsApp Backup Stored On Your Device

March 23, 2023,

Do you want to know where is WhatsApp backup stored on your Android and iPhone? WhatsApp is one of the favourite App used by billion of user around the world for personal and official purpose. Nowadays, WhatsApp has become a part of life as it stores the most valuable data, so it is essential to… Read More »

Disaster Recovery: 5 Key Features and Building Your DR Plan

July 2, 2022,

When crafting a disaster recovery plan, it’s crucial to consider key aspects such as data security, RTO, RPO, scalability, and cost-efficiency. By understanding these elements and aligning them with your organisation’s unique needs, you can develop a resilient plan that ensures business continuity in the event of a disaster.

What is Online Backup – 5 Top Benefits

June 2, 2022,

Efficient backups significantly decrease the time needed for backups. With faster backup processes, it becomes feasible to perform backups more frequently. Additionally, retrieving a specific file, directory, or volume from an online backup is simple. In a disaster, online mirroring and restores expedite the recovery process.

10 Steps explaining How to Start a Tech Company in 2023

January 2, 2022,

Data is one of businesses’ most important assets, and ensuring its security and accessibility is crucial. Demand for online backup services keeps growing, which presents a business opportunity for anyone wanting to start an online backup business. This article provides a comprehensive overview of starting an online backup business, highlighting the basic concepts and steps… Read More »