The different types of AWS’ S3 Object storage

June 23, 2023,

We haven’t seen any significant differences between the UK instances of Wasabi, Azure (blobs) and AWS’ S3. We use all three within our business and some in multiple locations.

How To Buy More Storage On iPhone in Different Ways

June 21, 2023,

How To Buy More Storage On iPhone

1. Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone.
2. Tap on your Apple ID at the top.
3. Tap on iCloud.
4. Tap on Manage Storage (or Manage Account Storage).
5. Tap on Buy More Storage or Change Storage Plan.
6. Choose the plan you desire to acquire. Carefully follow the prompts.

What Does Attempting Data Recovery Mean on iPhone?

June 1, 2023,

The “Attempting data recovery” issue arises when you try to update your iPhone or iPad to iOS versions 16, 15, 12, 11.2, 11.3, or 11.4 through OTA or iTunes. This problem delays the update process and sometimes results in the deletion of a portion or all of the data stored on their devices.

How To Backup iPhone To Synology NAS

May 30, 2023,

How to back up your iPhone to Synology NAS. If you have an iPhone with sensitive data, you might want to back up your data on Synology NAS to keep your data secured in case of mobile failure. Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a service the company offers for backing up your data. In… Read More »

How to Backup External Hard Drive For Free

May 29, 2023,

How to Backup External Hard Drive for Free.
1. Decide on a backup utility you would like to use.
2. Choose where you want to back up your disk (local or cloud).
3. Configure the backup utility to back up your critical data automatically.
4. Select the destination and start backing up.

What is a Differential Backup? Your Guide to Data Protection

May 22, 2023,

A differential backup is a data backup that copies all new and modified data since the last full backup was run.

How Long Does iCloud Backup Take

May 16, 2023,

The duration of iCloud backups varies depending on data size and internet speed. It can range from a few minutes to several hours or even days. Users can enable regular backups, free up iPhone storage, and ensure a stable internet connection to speed up the process. Contacting the ISP for slow speeds or exploring alternative backup methods like iTunes or other cloud services are also recommended.

What is a full backup?

May 12, 2023,

Full Backups: Everything You Need to Know Full backups are a dependable and efficient solution to safeguard your data. With a full backup, your data is readily retrievable so that you can have peace of mind. What Are Full Backups? A full backup takes a mirror copy of your data and files on a device… Read More »

How Safe is your Cloud Storage from Data Loss?

May 4, 2023,

Our predefined storage locations use Microsoft’s Azure cloud storage or What is guaranteedOur predefined storage locations. This is because we use Microsoft’s and Wasabi’s cloud storage. Both are certified for ISO 27001 and SOC 2. These are two of the top five most reliable and secure cloud storage providers in the world, and they will protect your data… Read More »

How to Cancel iCloud Storage in 3 Ways

May 1, 2023,

How to cancel your iCloud storage.

1. Unlock your iPhone device and open the Settings App.
2. Tap on your Apple ID
3. Tap on Manage Account Storage (might be Manage Storage in some other versions of iOS)
4. Tap on Change Storage Plan
5. Tap on Downgrade Options (you may have to enter the password of your Apple ID)
6. Select None to cancel.