The Ultimate Guide to iCloud Backup

December 2, 2023,

iCloud Backup keeps your data safe by taking periodic snapshots of your device’s data that isn’t synced regularly. This ensures that you can easily restore your data if you get a new device or lose your current one.

How To Access iCloud Photos On iCloud Using iPhone, iPad and Mac

November 30, 2023,

To Access and view iCloud Photos on your iPhone, iPad or Mac
Open the Photos app.
Select Library to see your photos.
On your iPhone or iPad, tap the Albums tab to see My Albums, People & Places, Media Types and Utilities. On your Mac, your Photos, Albums and Projects are listed in the sidebar.

What happens if you delete an iCloud backup? Edited for 2023

July 18, 2023,

An iCloud backup is used to restore your iPhone’s data following a data or device loss. The backup would save the data required, like iPhone Settings and most local data. When you delete your iCloud backup, you lose the ability to restore your photos, messages, and other app data. Your music files, movies, and the apps themselves are not stored in iCloud backups so they will remain.

How To Restore From iCloud Backup

July 6, 2023,

To restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup, access Settings, tap on your Name and select iCloud. Proceed to Manage Storage and click on Backups to view available backups. Choose the desired iPhone backup and initiate the restore process.
To restore an iPhone backup from iTunes, connect your iPhone to a Windows or Mac device with your backups saved. Then, open iTunes. Select your iPhone icon and click Restore Backup in the Backups section. Choose the backup file and click Restore. Before restoring, ensure your iPhone is updated to the latest software version.

How Many Backups Does iCloud Keep on Your iPhone

July 1, 2023,

How many backups does iCloud store? iCloud stores only a single backup for a particular device at any time. This means that when you perform a backup again, the new backup gets combined with the existing one. Consequently, iCloud retains only one backup at a time.

How To Buy More Storage On iPhone in Different Ways

June 21, 2023,

How To Buy More Storage On iPhone

1. Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone.
2. Tap on your Apple ID at the top.
3. Tap on iCloud.
4. Tap on Manage Storage (or Manage Account Storage).
5. Tap on Buy More Storage or Change Storage Plan.
6. Choose the plan you desire to acquire. Carefully follow the prompts.

How Long Does iCloud Backup Take

May 16, 2023,

The duration of iCloud backups varies depending on data size and internet speed. It can range from a few minutes to several hours or even days. Users can enable regular backups, free up iPhone storage, and ensure a stable internet connection to speed up the process. Contacting the ISP for slow speeds or exploring alternative backup methods like iTunes or other cloud services are also recommended.

How to Cancel iCloud Storage in 3 Ways

May 1, 2023,

How to cancel your iCloud storage.

1. Unlock your iPhone device and open the Settings App.
2. Tap on your Apple ID
3. Tap on Manage Account Storage (might be Manage Storage in some other versions of iOS)
4. Tap on Change Storage Plan
5. Tap on Downgrade Options (you may have to enter the password of your Apple ID)
6. Select None to cancel.