How To Blur Background in Teams

Created by On December 23, 2023 |  Last Updated On March 30, 2024

Microsoft Teams is one of the best collaborative tools, even suitable in the current work-from-home reality. Being tidy in your appearance is a must when participating in virtual meetings, taking an interview or discussing with the team.

One way to achieve this is by learning how to blur background in Teams during your video calls. Blurring the background is essential for keeping your image focused while hiding any distractions behind your back at the same time.

How To Blur Background in Microsoft Teams for Desktop:

Open Microsoft Teams App: Boot the Microsoft Teams app on your desktop.

Join a Meeting or Start a Call: Start a conference call or join a meeting in progress by selecting the option you need.

How To Blur Background in Microsoft Teams for Desktop

1. Navigate to Background Options: In the meeting controls or toolbar, locate the background settings or effects option. This icon typically resembles a camera or three dots.

2. Select Background Effects: Click on the background filters option to access the available background customisation features.

How To Blur Background in Microsoft Teams for Desktop

3. Choose Background Blur: Among the available background filters, look for the option to blur your background. Click on it to enable the background blur effect.

4. Confirm and Apply: After selecting the blur effect, confirm your choice and press the Apply and turn on video button. The background blur should now be active during your meeting or call.

Compatibility Warning:

Please note that the availability of background blur features in the Microsoft Teams desktop version may depend on your device’s hardware specifications and software compatibility:

  • Hardware Requirements: Your device should have AVX2 support. Check Microsoft’s official documentation for more details.
  • Software Updates: Keep your Microsoft Teams application up-to-date with the latest version to access the latest features and ensure compatibility with background blur functionality.

Before relying on background blur for your Microsoft Teams meetings, verify that your device meets the requirements and that the feature is available in your app version to avoid compatibility issues. Check out this article to know more about how to change background in Teams.

Additionally, consider using the mobile or web versions of Microsoft Teams if you encounter any limitations with the desktop application.

How To Blur Background on Microsoft Teams for Mobile:

How To Blur Background in Microsoft Teams for Mobile

1. Open the Microsoft Teams App on your mobile device and Join a Meeting or Start a Call by selecting the appropriate option.

2. While in the meeting or call, at the center of your screen click on he Change background.

3. Locate the “Blur” look for the option to blur your background. Select it to apply the blur effect.

Now you can see your camera background has changed to blur effect immediately. Following is the process of changing blur effect on Microsoft Teams.

Depending on device capabilities and app versions, blur Microsoft Teams background options may be limited or unavailable on specific mobile devices.

How to Blur Background in Teams for Web:

  • Open Microsoft Teams in your preferred web browser and navigate to the Microsoft Teams website.
  • Join an ongoing meeting or initiate a new call as needed.
How To Blur Background In Teams For Web
  1. Locate your screen’s meeting controls or settings menu like more button shown in the image during the meeting or call.
  2. Find the option for background effects.
  3. Choose to blur option among the available background effects. Choose it to enable background blur.
  4. Confirm your selection to apply the blur effect to your video background.

Microsoft Teams’ Background blur features may not fully support all web browsers and operating systems. Some browsers or devices may have limited compatibility with background customisation options.

Get creative with Teams background images and learn how to set custom Teams background images.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams Background Blur Missing or Disabled

  • Check Hardware Requirements: Your device should have AVX2 support. Check Microsoft’s official documentation for more details.
  • Re-log into Teams: Sometimes, re-logging into the Teams application can resolve issues related to background blur.
  • Use Desktop Clients: If you use the web version, try switching to the desktop client.
  • Update and Repair Teams: Make sure your Microsoft Teams app is up-to-date. Try repairing Teams through “Settings” > “Apps” > “Microsoft Teams” > “Advanced options” > “Repair.”
  • Contact Your Admin: If issues persist, contact your team admin or IT department for assistance.

Once you’ve tried these steps, the background blur option should hopefully reappear. Happy virtual meetings!


Blurring your background in Microsoft Teams balances professionalism and privacy, enhancing your virtual meeting experience. By concealing distractions behind you, you can maintain focus on the conversation while presenting yourself in a polished manner.

Simple steps to blur your background ensure seamless participation in meetings, interviews, or team discussions. Remember to troubleshoot issues promptly, leveraging hardware requirements and software updates to optimise your Teams experience.

With background blur, you can project confidence and professionalism, creating a conducive virtual environment for effective communication and collaboration.

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