How To Restore WhatsApp Backup From Internal Storage

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Most people will say their WhatsApp messages are almost as important as oxygen or, more importantly, their TikTok login! Like email, WhatsApp messages can run into the thousands over a short period, and all it takes is for your phone to die or go missing, and you have lost the lot.

If this has happened to you, you want to know if and how to restore a WhatsApp backup.

Here will show how easy WhatsApp backup restore from internal storage is. WhatsApp also understands the importance of these messages, so it offers a backup option.

How To Restore WhatsApp Backup From Internal Storage

WhatsApp’s backup setting keeps messages safe. Furthermore, users can back up their WhatsApp messages in the cloud or the phone’s internal storage.

If you use an iPhone, your default WhatsApp backup provider in the cloud will be iCloud or Google Drive if your phone is an Android.

Can You Restore Your WhatsApp Backup From Your Phone’s Storage Instead of Using Google Drive?

Yes, you can restore WhatsApp backup from internal storage. WhatsApp has two default ways to back up your chats: internal storage and Google Drive. However, people use internal storage methods more than Google Drive.

Note: WhatsApp will back up your chats daily at 02:00 to your internal storage. This method is standard because it is easier to restore the backup.

What Is the Difference Between Internal Storage and Cloud Backup?

  • Internal Storage: You store data on your device. It’s accessible without the Internet but can be lost if the device is damaged or lost.
  • Cloud Backup: Users can access data on remote servers from any device on the Internet. It’s safe from local threats but requires the Internet and may have ongoing costs.

For WhatsApp Backup & Restore:

  • Internal storage backup: Your phone’s memory stores WhatsApp chat history.
  • Cloud backup (Google Drive or iCloud): Chat history is stored on the service’s server, allowing recovery if you switch phones.

When You Need To Restore Your WhatsApp Backup?

You might need to restore your WhatsApp backup in the following situations: Maybe you have to restore your Backup at the following instances:

  • New Phone or Reinstallation: For example, buying a new phone or installing WhatsApp again will stimulate you to continue your conversation where you last left off.
  • Data Loss: If, instead, you have lost the chat or they got deleted because of the app or something.
  • Device Issues: If your device has suffered damage, loss, or theft, and you’re setting up WhatsApp on a new device, please note that you’ll need the same phone number and your Google account (Android) or Apple ID (iPhone) that you used to create the backup file.

How To Restore WhatsApp Backup From Internal Storage

WhatsApp restore from backup from internal storage is straightforward; there are at least two ways to do it. 

If you missed a backup of your WhatsApp or, for some reason, the local backup is also not available, then check this article on how to restore deleted whatsapp message without backup.

Method 1: Restore from Local Backup

WhatsApp automatically backs up your chats daily at 02:00. The backup stores the messages in the device’s internal storage. WhatsApp messages are small and lightweight, very much like text emails. They only become ‘storage hungry’ when they contain images and videos.

You can retrieve WhatsApp messages when you reinstall your WhatsApp. Here are the steps to how to restore WhatsApp backup from internal storage.

How To Find Where Is WhatsApp Backup Stored On Your Device

1. Open WhatsApp on your device

2. Tap on the three vertical dots and tap on settings.

3. Tap on Chats

How To Find Where Is WhatsApp Backup Stored On Your Device

4. Tap on Chat backup

5. Tap on Backup to Google Drive, and

6. Tap on Never when the options pop

7. Delete the WhatsApp app from your phone and download/install it again. 

8. Open the app, and sign in with your account. 

9. When trying to log in to the same account, WhatsApp will allow you to restore your messages. 

10. Tap the restore button.

After these steps, WhatsApp will restore the most recent backup and return all the chats before you delete the app.

Method 2: Restore Messages from an Older Backup

We can presume that WhatsApp will restore the most recent messages. However, you can also retrieve all of your historical messages from WhatsApp that you might think you have lost.

Restoring WhatsApp from the old backup is possible because WhatsApp doesn’t overwrite the old backup location. Instead, it stores the new backup file in another folder. Therefore, with the support of apps like a file explorer, one can quickly restore older or lost messages on WhatsApp.

You must track which settings use storage so your device doesn’t run out of space.

Here are the steps on how to recover WhatsApp messages from internal storage:

How To Find Where Is WhatsApp Backup Stored On Your Device

1. Open your File Manager app on your device

2. Tap on Internal storage

3. Tap on the Android and then Media folder

How To Restore WhatsApp Backup From Internal Storage

4. Tap on the Database

5. Search for the particular backup file using the date and time. 

6. Once you get the targeted file, rename it.

7. Now tap on OK

8. Now, open your WhatsApp app and try logging in

9. When WhatsApp gives you the restore option, tap the restore button.

You can get access to your older messages this way. Here is how to restore WhatsApp backup from internal storage. It is better to have a secondary backup of your WhatsApp data.

What Are the Other Ways To Restore WhatsApp Backup?

You can restore WhatsApp chats in two ways:

  • Official Backups: Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp, then choose to restore from Google Drive (Android) or iCloud (iPhone) during setup.
  • Third-Party Tools (Android & iPhone): Use apps like DroidKit or Mutsapper to restore chats directly without uninstalling WhatsApp. (Use these tools with caution due to privacy concerns.)

Remember: To restore a backup, you need the same phone number and account used for the original backup.

Can I Restore WhatsApp Backup Without Uninstalling?

Yes, restoring WhatsApp messages without uninstalling is possible, though not officially. Typically, there are three ways to restore WhatsApp chat backups: WhatsApp Local Backup, Google Drive Backup for Android, and iCloud Backup for iPhone.

However, you will have to use a third-party app for Android and iOS to restore WhatsApp without losing data or uninstalling the app—the other ways, although official, require uninstalling and reinstalling it again.

Please be aware that you should use third-party tools carefully for privacy reasons. Always install WhatsApp using the latest version possible for the best performance and extra security.


Restoring a WhatsApp backup from your phone’s internal storage is a simple process that helps you recover valuable messages and conversations. Following the steps in this article, you can quickly restore your chats during reinstallation or even access the older chats and conversations using a file explorer app.

In addition to the regular internal storage backups, we recommend that you backup your WhatsApp data to your Google Drive. Take advantage of WhatsApp’s backup options and never worry about losing valuable conversations again.

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