How To Access iCloud Photos On iCloud Using iPhone, iPad and Mac

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iCloud Photos allows people who turn to iCloud to view their pictures and videos without any special effort to all their devices. It is an adaptable tool that is also useful for editing and comparison purposes, as well as for creating joint albums and arranging your photo collection.

How To Access iCloud Photos On iCloud Using iPhone, iPad and Mac

We will become familiar with the definition of iCloud and how to view iCloud photos using an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, or browser on a PC.

What is iCloud Storage?

iCloud is Apple’s cloud service that stores your files. It stores all your images and files and makes notes, among others, in one place but safely on any device, be it your smartphone or computer. You can also share things with friends and everything backing up your iPhone. To begin with, 5 GB will be free, or you can subscribe to iCloud Plus and enjoy extra features and space.

What is iCloud Photos?

However, before we come to the details of storage, it is necessary to get to know what cloud photos are, how to see iCloud Photos and, in short, what they do. This storage service is a part of the Apple service and is exclusively assigned the easy task of saving iCloud pictures and videos.

However, turn aside iCloud as your built-in library storage for all photos; it provides free space in your iPhone. Though you need the iCloud storage to be full, you have to acquire the storage through the paid plans, except when you have only the 5GB tier space, which is free. In short, the iCloud Photos app helps you view photos in iCloud storage.

Why Choose iCloud Photos?

iCloud Photo, one of iCloud’s utilities, is very convenient. It instantly syncs all your photos and videos to your iCloud, so you can get them from any computer logged in via your Apple ID. Yet, it accomplishes two tasks at the same time. It saves space by retaining smaller photo and video versions on your device and safely stores the originals at full resolution in iCloud.

iCloud Photos also provides additional benefits, such as making and sharing albums, editing photos on different devices, and maintaining an updated and neat photo library. It makes transmitting media between other devices easier without a cable or computer.

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How to Access iCloud Photos on iPhone or iPad

How to Access iCloud Photos on iPhone

To view iCloud Photos on iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > Tap on Photos.
  • Tap on iCloud Photos.
  • Choose ‘Optimise iPhone Storage‘ for space-saving or ‘Download and Keep Originals‘ for full-quality versions.
  • Your iPhone will start syncing your photos to your iCloud Storage.
  • Wait for the sync to complete. After that, you can access your photos in your iCloud storage.

iCloud offers free 5 GB of Storage; if you have many photos, your iCloud storage will quickly fill up. Check this article to learn how to buy more iCloud Storage on your iPhone in different ways.

To free up space, delete photos and videos you no longer need from any device or via Remember that deleting from iCloud removes them from all devices using iCloud Photos. To retain a copy on a device, download it before deleting it from iCloud. This is how I look at photos on iCloud on my iPhone or iPad.

How to Access iCloud Photos on MacOS

How to Access iCloud Photos on MacOS

You can enable and access iCloud photos on your Mac device by following these steps to know where to find iCloud photos.

  • Open the Photo App on your Mac by searching or pressing the command + Space key and then typing photos.
  • On the Photo App, click on Library.
  • Click on the iCloud button next to the general button.
  • Click on Enable iCloud Photos and click on the preference of your choice, either Download Originals to this Mac or Optimise Mac Storage.
Now, you can view and download your iCloud photos on your Mac device.

How to Access iCloud Photos via Web Browser

How to Access iCloud Photos via Web Browser

How do I access my iCloud photo on PC? That is very simple. Accessing iCloud Photos on your PC is easy:

  • Open your preferred web browser and navigate to
  • Log in using your Apple ID and password.
  • Select ‘iCloud Photos‘.
  • Click on the Download icon.
  • Click the download button.
Accessing iCloud via a web browser is the most convenient way to view photos, videos, and files since iCloud app download requires an Apple device.

How To Access iCloud Photos On PC

Accessing iCloud Photos on your PC is easy:

How to Access iCloud Photos on PC
  • Download the iCloud App from Microsoft Store and install it on your PC.
  • Open the iCloud app and use your Apple ID username and password to sign in.
How to Access iCloud Photos on PC
  • Ensure the Photos check box is ticked.
  • Click on Options to change the default location to save your photos on your PC.
  • Click the Apply button, and your photos will sync on your PC.
  • Access your iCloud Photos in the app or File Explorer.
Remember, turn on iCloud Photos on your Apple devices and ensure they’re on Wi-Fi for smooth syncing.

How To Access iCloud Photos On Android

iCloud does not offer a dedicated app for Android devices. However, using the methods I mentioned earlier, you can still access your iCloud Photos on Android. There are workarounds that allow you to browse through your iCloud picture for Android, even though iCloud is more readily accessible on Apple devices.

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Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Common Login Issues: Briefly discuss login problems like password and username errors, faulty two-step authentication, and account lock-outs. Give the options or the links to the Apple website support pages for every problem.
  • Slow Loading Times: Talk about possibilities such as slow internet connection, server overload, or extensive photo libraries. Mention answers like checking internet speed, refreshing the page, or accessing during off-peak hours.
  • Missing Photos: Indicate the following potential explanations: “If the files are not present in iCloud, they might have been deleted from another device.”, or there is a syncing problem. Provide solutions such as checking the “Recently Deleted” folder, ensuring your settings are in order, and contacting Apple support if the problem continues.


iCloud Photos offers an easy and safe method to view your photos and videos on various devices. It makes creating shared albums, editing photos quickly, and organising your photo library convenient. With iCloud Photos, whether on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or web browser, accessing your photos is simple and intuitive.

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