What is Microsoft Azure in 2021?


Our Microsoft Azure journey started on July 16th 2017 Why Azure? From 2001 to 2017 we hosted our own storage servers in UK data centres, with the bulk being in Bristol, Maidenhead and Reading. Every data centre we colocated with had catastrophic failures and all at one time suffered a total power down disaster. This […]

Wasabi DNS outage December 2020

Wasabi DNS outage December 2020

Outage explained This affects our predefined Wasabi storage destinations and Resellers’ own storage destinations for BOBcloud backups and all FileSync server clusters. Wasabi had an outage which they put down to a DNS issue. Here follows their status page. Incident Status Degraded Performance Components US-East-1, US-East-2, US-West-1, EU-Central-1, Wasabi Management Console Locations US-East, US-West, EU-Central […]

Is your Ahsay infrastructure costing too much to operate?

Ahsay infrastructure

Why outsource your Ahsay business to us? If your business uses Ahsay, you will probably be buying and maintaining your own servers, SANs, storage, network, security and Ahsay software. The same is true for any self-hosted cloud storage service. Do you have inefficient storage usage? Can you use all your storage? If you have 100 […]

How to Backup your iPhone

How to backup your iPhone

How to backup your iPhone and iPad If you want to preserve all your treasured data, photos, etc on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you will need a reliable backup.  If you are like me, you will probably at some point, lose, or break your iPhone. It might just stop working one day, or […]

How the Data Integrity Check works

Ahsay data integrity check

As a reminder, we license Ahsay’s software for our cloud backup service. This is a copy of their Data Integrity Check tech doc and we have added some relevant content. Ahsay are the world’s largest supplier of cloud backup software to MSPs. In this tech doc AhsayOBM refers to our Server product and AhsayACB refers to our […]

Do you have to store your backed-up data in the UK?

do you have to store your data in the UK

Do you need UK Cloud Storage? A frequent discussion we have with resellers is that their data must be stored in the UK. This is a very common request for resellers who backup systems used in schools and law offices. Our default storage location is Microsoft’s cloud in the UK. Our software comes preconfigured with […]

Microsoft Azure UK South Region outage on 14th September 2020

Azure outage September 2020

14th September 2020 Azure UK outage 70% of our backup clusters went offline in the UK South region of Microsoft’s Azure during the outage. What went wrong The impact statement is published below, but what isn’t clear is how Microsoft deals with these issues. They simply unplug or turn off down their Hyper V hosts […]

What is the difference between cloud backup and online backup?

what is the difference between cloud backup and online backup

Differences between Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup There aren’t any specific differences between cloud and online backups, rather these names have been adopted by the industry over years. Cloud backups and storage are, in general more generic terms for simple file system backups such as Dropbox or OneDrive. You might not have the option for unlimited […]

Bandwidth Calculator and Data Transfer calculator

cloud bandwidth upload download calculator

Bandwidth Calculator – Calculate File and Data Transfer times How long does it take to upload download data? Our bandwidth calculator quickly calculates the time it will take to transfer your data on your LAN or the internet. The data and results are the same regardless of how you are uploading your data. Data throughput […]