What is a Secondary Storage? Types, Purposes, and Examples

September 1, 2023,

Secondary storage is often used to back up data from primary storage. This involves copying the data from the primary storage system to the secondary storage system using replication or other data protection and recovery methods

How to Backup OneDrive Effortlessly

August 6, 2023,

Safeguard your OneDrive effortlessly. Back up to an external hard drive by unlinking your PC and moving files, or directly to your computer with a secure sync client. Ensure the safety of your valuable data with these reliable strategies: 1) External hard drive backup: Unlink OneDrive, Move files to external drive folder, Sign in and change location. 2) Computer backup: Download files to your PC and follow the 3-2-1 rule for added protection. Don’t miss out on seamless file protection!

S3 Price Comparisons between Wasabi, Backblaze, Azure, and AWS in 2024

July 24, 2023,

Following on from our last article on AWS’ S3 storage, we decided to add some price comparisons between the largest S3 providers. Looking at the platforms our Resellers use, we are focusing on Wasabi, Azure, AWS, and Backblaze. We haven’t seen any significant differences between the UK instances of Wasabi, Azure (blobs) and AWS’ S3…. Read More »

How to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive on a MAC

July 24, 2023,

To perform an iPhone backup to an external hard drive, you first need to generate a backup on your Mac device.

Xcopy vs Robocopy: Choosing the Perfect Copying Tool

July 23, 2023,

XCopy and Robocopy are two robust file-copying tools provided by Windows. They offer a command-line interface with advanced features like bulk file copying, file monitoring, and faster speeds than the standard copy command. While they provide potent capabilities, there is an increased risk of making mistakes when using these tools.

What Happens If You Delete An iCloud Backup? Edited for 2024

July 18, 2023,

Deleting an iCloud backup clears space in iCloud but doesn’t affect iPhone data. However, it means losing the option to restore from that backup, risking permanent loss of any data not backed up elsewhere.

Business Continuity vs Disaster Recovery: What’s the Difference and Why It Matters

July 16, 2023,

Recovery in safeguarding your business from disruptions. Uncover proactive strategies to prevent and mitigate risks while swiftly restoring operations. These plans ensure resilience, responsiveness, and customer trust, from protecting your brand to minimising financial losses.

RTO and RPO explained

July 10, 2023,

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) are two of the most important metrics in disaster recovery data protection planning.

How Many Backups Does iCloud Keep on Your iPhone

July 1, 2023,

How many backups does iCloud store? iCloud stores only a single backup for a particular device at any time. This means that when you perform a backup again, the new backup gets combined with the existing one. Consequently, iCloud retains only one backup at a time.

Difference Between Cloud Download vs Local Reinstall

June 30, 2023,

Cloud download is used when you have a great internet connection. A local reinstall is used when using local media rather than the internet to get your install files quicker